Your generous, tax deductible donation to Camaraderie Foundation enables us to help hundreds of veterans and their families with the support they need to “heal the invisible wounds of war”.

I need to thank you and the staff.  I couldn’t be a success if it wasn’t for your help. I was living in another world with so much hate, guilt and pain built up and refused to talk to anyone about it. I didn’t want to be that weak person, but I was a ticking bomb. I chose heavy drinking to hide all the pain, but it made me lose the bond I once had with my son. I was lost and the path I was on I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to be able to make it. At times I just wanted to give up and end everything. If it wasn’t for the Camaraderie Foundation helping me get the help that I needed, I most likely wouldn’t be able to talk about it today. Now after little over a year of counseling, there has been a huge impact in my life. I am have been sober-free for over a year and the bond with my son is back!”  Marine, 2 tours.

$100 supports one private counseling session
$500 funds peer group
$1,200 provides an individual with one year (12 sessions) of our private counseling
$2,500 supports a family engagement activity for 150 veterans and their family members
$5,000 supports the Mentor Leadership Program for six months

Make a donation online or by check, made payable to the “Camaraderie Foundation” and mail to:
2488 E. Michigan Street
Orlando, FL 32806