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Debbie Estes

Events Manager

Debbie Estes is the Events Manager for the Camaraderie Foundation.  As a Navy Brat herself, her travel to numerous countries and various naval bases has allowed her to develop a great appreciation for the brave men, women, and their families, all who go above and beyond for our country.  In addition, she has two (2) sons that are currently officers in the U.S. Army.  Their deployments have helped her further understand how crucial the Camaraderie Foundation’s work is for our veterans and their families.  

In addition to her degree in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii, she has worked for numerous organizations and companies (i.e., the Navy Protocol Office in Hawaii, the Houston Astros, the New Jersey Devils, the Ritz Carlton, and Chick-fil-A) which has given her the means to understand and communicate ideas in ways that can help encourage people to support the mission to provide healing for the “invisible wounds of war”.  Debbie is particularly passionate about giving back to our military and their families is something she holds dear to her heart.  

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