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Volunteers Play a Significant Role in Supporting the Camaraderie Foundation

With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we are committed to supporting our military service members, veterans, and their families as they heal from the impact that military service has had on their lives.

As we expand services to meet the needs of our community, the Camaraderie Foundation offers a vast array of opportunities. Our staff will help match your interest, abilities and talents with open volunteer positions. Your time commitment is based on your availability – ranging from a one-time opportunity to a regular basis.

Special Event Planning Committee – Many opportunities are available to assist in planning special events from start to finish. Not only will you have the chance to make the event a success, but you’ll build good friendships along the way.

Family Fun Days

Camaraderie Foundation offers family-friendly events (amusement parks, picnics, movies, shows, etc.) that are free of charge for service members, veterans, and their families that allows them to reconnect, bond with other families.

Frequency: about 6 times a year during Fall, Winter, and Spring (we take a break during the Summer)

Average Length of Time: about 4 hours

Average Number of Volunteers Needed: 10-20

Example of Tasks: Set-up, Registration, Kid Activities, Break-down

Mentor Leadership Program – Mentor/Speaker

Mentors –Volunteers assist transitioning service members and spouses in preparing for a career in the local community.

Speakers – Speakers needed on various topics including job search, leadership, entrepreneurship, etc.

Frequency: Mentors :1 orientation, 6 mentoring sessions with your protégé and graduation over a 12 month time period

Speakers as needed for topics.

Average Length of Time: 1-2 hours per meeting

Outreach Opportunities

Camaraderie Foundation participates in different military and community outreach events to spread the word about the programs and services that we provide. These events can range from festivals to veteran fairs, to Yellow Ribbon programs. (Training will be provided)

Frequency: about 50 a year; days, times and locations vary

Average Length of Time: 2-4 hours

Average Number of Volunteers Needed: 1-3 for each event

Example of Tasks: Set-up Camaraderie table, talk to people about Camaraderie’s mission, services and events

Committee Involvement

We are always looking for volunteers to join our various committees to add their valuable opinions and feedback help us to strategically plan.

Frequency: Varies- anywhere from every other month to every other week (when close to an event date)

Average Length of Time: 1-2 hours per meeting

Committee Options: Ruck Sack March Committee, Pars & Stripes Committee, American Patriot Gala Committee.

Office/Administrative Support

With our many day-to-day office needs, volunteers help keep our administrative costs low.

Frequency: anything from as needed, to every day.

Average Length of Time: anything from a few hours a week to several hours a day.

Average Number of Volunteers Needed: Varies

Example of Tasks: Help with paperwork, making phone calls, managing databases, etc.

Special Events

Camaraderie Foundation has various scheduled and  3rd party organizations that hold fundraisers/events on our behalf.

Frequency: a few a year, various dates and times.

Average Length of Time: 4-6 hours.

Average Number of Volunteers Needed: 5-10 for each event.

Example of Tasks: Set-up, Registration, Break-down.

Please complete the application below if you are interested in volunteering. We will contact you for more specifics..

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